Lie to Me:

A Bad Boy Mountain Romance

Lie To Me - Lilian Monroe

She’s supposed to be my enemy.
And I’m supposed to hate everything about her.
But every time I see her, hate is the last thing on my mind.
Want, yes. Need, maybe. But hate? Not even a little bit.

I want her so much it’s tearing me apart.
Soon, it might tear the whole town apart, too.
Right now I’m only sure of one thing: I’m in trouble.

He’s supposed to be my enemy.
But enemy isn’t how I’d describe him.
Rugged and mysterious? Yes. Irresistibly sexy? Absolutely. 
One hundred percent, definitely, completely off-limits? Yes, yes

Aiden Clarke is turning my world upside down.
This is supposed to be work, just another normal job.
But ever since I got to this town, nothing seems normal anymore.

I can close my eyes and pretend that everything will be okay. 
I can lie to myself.
I can believe all the lies that he wants to tell me.
Even though there’s no way out of this, maybe we’ll get our happily-ever-after.

Or maybe, these schoolgirl fantasies will crumble and burn right before my eyes.

Lie to Me is Book 1 of the Clarke Brothers Series. If you like rugged mountain men and sizzling hot heat, you’ll love Lie to Me. Grab your copy today to find out if Maddy and Aiden get their happily-ever-after!

Swear to Me - Lilian Monroe

Swear to Me:

A Second Chance Mountain Romance

She’s off-limits.
Completely, totally off-limits.
Our past has kept us apart for ten years, and now Mara is back. 
There’s no question about it: Off. Limits.

So why does my body burn for her whenever she’s near? 

Ten years ago, she was the reason my family fell apart. For ten years, I've blamed her.

Now, I’m supposed to be mad at her, but all I feel is the pulsing heat of desire. 
It’s is flooding my veins like a tidal wave.
She flicks those eyes in my direction and I’m done.

Off-limits or not,

Swear to Me is Book 2 of the Clarke Brothers Series. It can be read on its own or with Book 1 of the series: Lie to Me. This steamy standalone mountain man romance includes exclusive bonus content. All of Lilian Monroe’s books have absolutely no cheating and a guaranteed happily ever after!

Run to Me - Lilian Monroe

Run to Me:

A Mountain Man Romance

Is the past worth protecting if it might destroy the future?

Ethan Clarke is everything I’ve ever wanted.
He’s strong and caring. He’s kind.
He looks at me like there’s no one else in the world.
Oh… and he’s hot. I mean knee-weakening, panty-melting hot.
He’s perfect.

Until… he’s not perfect anymore.
My mountain man isn’t who I thought he was, and now I don’t know where to turn.


Zoe Randall is everything I never knew I wanted.
I’m not prepared for her.
She’s intoxicating.
From the moment my lips touch hers, I only want her.
Her skin, her body, her voice, her scent.
All of her.
And she’s ready to give it to me.

But when secrets of the past threaten to ruin my future, I have to do everything I can to protect her from it, or watch it all unravel before my eyes.

Run to Me is Book 3 of the Clarke Brothers Series. If you like rugged, sexy mountain men with a dark past, and lots of sizzling hot heat, you'll love Run to Me! Grab your copy today.

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The Clarke Brothers:

The Complete 3-Book Series

If you like rugged, sexy mountain men with a dark past, and lots of sizzling hot heat, you’ll love The Clarke Brothers Series.


Get all 3 Clarke Brothers books for almost half the price of the individual books!


Which brother would you choose?


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