Dirty Little Midlife Crisis-v3.jpg

Hilarious, hot, and seriously refreshing. Dirty Little Midlife Crisis is the book you didn’t know you needed.

Forty-five, recently divorced, and a certified hot mess.
The last thing Fiona needs to start her vacation is a flooded hotel room and a broken-down car…

Alas, that’s what she gets.

She’s ready to pack it all in and go home—wherever that is—when her knight in a wet T-shirt strides in to save the day. Jaw-dropping, panty-melting Grant Greene takes the “mess” out of “certified hot mess” when he walks up to Fiona and offers her a room to stay. No strings attached.

Great, right?

It would be, apart from the sparks that immediately start to fly. Sparks are bad. Sparks are dangerous. Sparks can cause a fire. And for a divorcee trying to start over, a fire is Really Bad News.

But bad decisions can be fun...right? Just as long as you don’t get burned…


Intrepid heroine gets more than she bargained for. Hot hunk bares it all (literally). Skinny dipping. Shirtlessness. Meddling townsfolk. Vicious feuds. Hilarious banter. Twists, turns, and shocking developments. And heat, so much heat. More steam than a sauna. Well-earned HEA guaranteed.