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Dirty Little Midlife Crisis-v3.jpg

Hilarious, hot, and seriously refreshing. Dirty Little Midlife Crisis is the book you didn’t know you needed.

Forty-five, recently divorced, and a certified hot mess.
The last thing Fiona needs to start her vacation is a flooded hotel room and a broken-down car…

Alas, that’s what she gets.

She’s ready to pack it all in and go home—wherever that is—when her knight in a wet T-shirt strides in to save the day. Jaw-dropping, panty-melting Grant Greene takes the “mess” out of “certified hot mess” when he walks up to Fiona and offers her a room to stay. No strings attached.

Great, right?

It would be, apart from the sparks that immediately start to fly. Sparks are bad. Sparks are dangerous. Sparks can cause a fire. And for a divorcee trying to start over, a fire is Really Bad News.

But bad decisions can be fun...right? Just as long as you don’t get burned…

Intrepid heroine gets more than she bargained for. Hot hunk bares it all (literally). Skinny dipping. Shirtlessness. Meddling townsfolk. Vicious feuds. Hilarious banter. Twists, turns, and shocking developments. And heat, so much heat. More steam than a sauna. Well-earned HEA guaranteed.

Dirty Little Midlife Mess-v3.jpg

Laugh-out-loud funny, with cover-to-cover banter and red-hot heat. Dirty Little Midlife Mess is not your typical fake relationship romance. It’s better.

Simone owes handsome, broody Wesley Byron a favor, and he’s calling it in.

He needs a maid.

Yes, like the type that cleans a house. Black and white uniform not included (she asked).

Except on Simone’s first day, she finds herself wrapped up in Wes’s muscular arms as he introduces her to his family using the word “girlfriend” instead of “maid”.

Then he ducks his head and whispers two words against her ear: Play along.

For a woman who dealt with a difficult man for eleven years (and divorced him), those words are like throwing a lit match into a box of fireworks.

She’ll play along. She might even have fun with it.

And when the explosions start, everyone will enjoy the show...

Plucky heroine wants to start over. Brooding grump wants to be left alone. Small town rumor mill starts churning. Hilarity ensues. Heat escalates. Then escalates again. Then escalates again. Kaboom. Who said your forties had to be boring?

Dirty Little Midlife Mistake-v4.jpg

Holy heat! Dirty Little Midlife Mistake is packed full of the best kind of bad decisions.

Candice Viceroy—widow, mother, business owner—isn’t supposed to kiss anyone.

Especially not Hollywood heartthrob and hunky silver fox, Blake Harding.
Not in front of half a dozen cameras and a whole movie set’s worth of lights.
And not when, for the first time in nearly a decade, she gets certain special tingles in a certain special place.

So, Candice does what any normal, rational person would do:
She runs away. Literally.

One thing she doesn’t expect?

For Blake Harding—actor, Adonis, ladykiller—to lay chase.

That’s when Candice finds out she has a very, very big problem on her hands…
...because when Blake catches her, he isn’t planning on letting her go.

One little kiss turns out to be one big mistake. If you like laugh-out-loud humor, burn-the-page heat, and banter up the wazoo, then you need to read Dirty Little Midlife Mistake. Start with Book 1 for maximum enjoyability!

Dirty Little Midlife Disaster-v5.jpg

Sizzling-hot and seriously funny. Who said your forties couldn’t be both?
Katrina Viceroy is a recently divorced mother of two, and the proud new owner of a flat tire… until leather-clad motorcycle hottie, Mac Blair, arrives to save the day.

Mac is the exact opposite of Trina’s ex-husband. He’s got bad boy etched into every line of his muscular body, for one. Not to mention that gravelly, deep voice he uses to order her around.

Things like, “Swing that pretty leg over my bike,” and, “Hold on tight,” and, “Here’s my number; call me.”

When he’s got her frazzled and panting, Mac just...rides off.

Honestly, the nerve!
Apropos of nothing, does anyone have a phone she can borrow?

The old Trina would have ignored the phone number burning a hole in her pocket, but the new and improved (read: divorced) Trina?

She’s calling. Even if it ends up being a total disaster.

Spoiler alert: it most certainly does.

Dirty Little Midlife Debacle-v4.jpg

Fallon Richter left town six months ago with the intention of never coming back.
Things...aren’t going according to plan.

He’s back in the town of Heart’s Cove for one day only. He just wants one moment with the woman he can’t get out of his head. Just one conversation. One look.

But Jen is nowhere to be found.

Instead, Fallon discovers that Jen desperately needs a partner for her upcoming baking competition. If the showrunners don’t find someone to compete with her, she won't be able to participate.
She won’t be able to win.

Volunteering to be Jen’s partner would be a terrible idea. A really, really bad move.
It would mean spending every waking moment with the woman who pushed him away.
Sleeping in the same room as her.
Being beside her for a whole month...yet not being able to touch her.


So when his mouth opens and the words “I’ll do it” fall out, he’s as shocked as everyone else.

And when Jen first lays her eyes on Fallon and realizes he’s her new teammate?
They both realize things are about to get a whole lot more complicated...

Dirty Little Midlife Secret

Lily has a secret, and it’s about to come out.

This forty-year-old free spirit will tell her family, deal with the fallout, and move on with her life.
Everything will work out just fine.
Within a year, she’ll be back to normal–mostly.

Easy. Freaking. Peasy.

Then she meets Rudy.

Handsome, charming, roguish Rudy.
The man who drifts through life with a smile on his lips and sin in his gaze.
The man who makes her body heat and her mind spiral into places that should be locked away.

He wants a date, and who is Lily to resist?
This might be her last chance to enjoy herself. Her last chance to feel whole, womanly, desired.

One little date won’t hurt, as long as the two of them follow the golden rule:
Keep It Casual.

Even when his hand drifts over her skin.
When he makes her laugh with unexpected delight.
When he kisses her with a possession that takes her breath away.

Keep. It. Casual.

Because Lily’s secrets are about to be exposed, and Rudy won’t want to be anywhere near when the implosion happens.


Dirty Little Midlife Dilemma-v5.jpg

A hot, hilarious fresh start! Nora’s forties begin with a bang…or rather, a crash.

What’s worse than bumping into a parked motorcycle and tipping it over?

Easy. It’s bumping into a motorcycle, tipping it over, and sending it crashing into an entire row of bikes like horrible, slow-motion dominos.

What’s even worse than that?

Nora knows the answer. It’s when the first motorcycle in the row belongs to the hottest man in a hundred-mile radius, and he watches the whole thing happen.

Lee Blair looks like he wants to pop her head off her shoulders like a champagne cork.
Saying “oopsie daisy” doesn’t calm him down. Go figure.

Safe to say, Nora’s not having a great day.
Her fresh start isn’t exactly going to plan.

When she gets the bill for her mistake, she nearly breaks down.
In order to pay it off, she’ll have to move back in with her mother and beg for her old job back.
It’s every forty-one-year-old woman’s dream…not.

Until Lee offers her a solution.
He’ll take on the debt and let her pay it off over time…if she agrees to work for him.

What could possibly go wrong?

Dirty Little Midlife Drama-v5.jpg

My high school sweetheart kissed me so naturally, I slapped him.

Listen, I’m forty-three years old. I’m divorced. I’m in a new town. I don’t need ghosts from the past haunting me anymore.

Unless, of course, the ghost happens to be two hundred pounds of hunky Texan cowboy, wearing a coy smirk and a deep golden tan.

And when he shows up at the door of my new business telling me he’s the contractor I hired, I think I might be in more trouble than I anticipated.

Because it started with a kiss…but it’ll end with a heartbreak. I know, because it’s happened once before.

But twenty-five years after the first time, it looks like I need to learn my lesson all over again. I’m going to get Sebastian Finch out of my system once and for all…

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