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If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s arrogant men.
Attractive arrogant men?


Even worse.

Like the guy at my local lap pool—the stupidly attractive, off-the-charts-full-of-himself guy who just tried to steal my parking space.


Then he had the nerve to get out of his car and confront me about it.

Well, look, I did what I had to do. He knows exactly what I think about him, his fancy car, his tailored suit, and his beautiful, annoying face.


Okay, fine. I can admit there was a bit of chemistry.
A lot of chemistry.


Hate-filled chemistry, which I’m sure would be great in bed, if I could ever stoop so low as to actually sleep with him.


Doesn’t matter.


I’m not giving him the parking space, thank you very much.
I’m sure he has one reserved for him right in front of whatever soulless, swanky building serves as his office.


End of story.


Except I find out he does, in fact, have a spot reserved in front of a swanky building.
My swanky building.


Because Mr. Parking Space is my new boss…
…and hate-filled chemistry really is best worked out between the sheets.


Getting fired sucks.
Getting propositioned by some arrogant, self-important billionaire three seconds after getting fired?
That really sucks.

No, thank you.
I have plans with a good friend called Chardonnay, and I expect those plans to keep me occupied all evening.

One thing I don’t expect?
For Liam Maguire, the billionaire, ex-olympian that I just rejected, to offer me a job.

Not just any job. My dream job.

The only downside is that I have to spend my days working with him.

Feeling his tantalizing gaze sweep over my body.
Wondering why my thighs squeeze together whenever he’s near.
Fantasizing about all the things that I rejected when we first met.

Well, all my fantasies are about to come true…
...and that could turn my dream job into a nightmare.
As it turns out, there's a lot more to Liam than meets the eye.


Adrian Maguire is a scumbag. Scourge of the earth. A dirty, corrupt, unscrupulous politician.
He’s the man who tried to ruin my sister’s life.

Hate, hate, hate.

You know what I despise more than Adrian?
The fact that I have no choice but to take his case. Otherwise, I’ll lose my job.

I didn’t spend years in law school to defend people like him.

So, when he strolls into my office, I’m not prepared for his presence to suck the air out of my lungs.
When his touch sends sparks flying across my skin, not ready for my heart to skip a beat.
My traitorous body burns for him, even though my mind screams at me to stop.

But I can’t.

I see another side of Adrian that he’s hidden away from everyone—even himself.

The more time I spend with him, the more I realise I was wrong.
Wrong to judge him, wrong to hate him, wrong to push him away.

But when secrets are exposed, there’s more than just my career on the line.
Adrian could destroy everything...including my fragile heart.

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