He's big. He's bossy. He's my baby daddy.

I made a mistake. In my defense, it was my birthday and I'd had a glass of champagne on an empty stomach.

But when I walk into work on Monday morning, I realize just how badly I've messed up.

That guy from last night? He's my new boss.

Oh—then I find out I'm pregnant.


Billionaire. CEO. Single dad.
And for the next seven days, this arrogant hunk is going to be my boss.

Easy, right?
All I have to do is be a good nanny to Leif Sorensen’s adorable, hell-raising, ballet-loving daughter.
Keep my head down, my hands to myself, and forget about this silly crush I’ve been nursing for the past six years.

So he’s big and blond and he stars in all my not-so-innocent “Hot Viking Ravages Innocent Maiden” fantasies?
Who cares?

Certainly not me.

My week-long contract is my ticket out of trouble, and I’m not going to mess it up. This payday is about to solve a lot of my problems.

Then I’ll move on.

Except…Leif has other ideas.
Like, for example, when he tugs me into a spare room and demonstrates how similar his fantasies are to mine.
It’s purely intellectual, of course. We’re just comparing notes.

But when my contract is over, I realize that I might have gotten myself into trouble instead of out of it.

See, I’ve gone and fallen head over heels for my billionaire boss.
And I do it before I realize what he’s hiding from me...

Oh–then I find out I’m pregnant.

Book 3 cover.jpeg

Being a dog walker isn’t as glamorous as you might imagine.
Unless, of course, you’re walking a tech billionaire’s German shepherd mix.

And when your grumpy, gorgeous, billionaire boss asks you to spend the evenings at his place to babysit his teenage niece, who are you to refuse? You think, what could possibly go wrong?

I’ll tell you what can go wrong: Your business implodes, your heart shatters, and you find out you’re carrying his baby.

I’m speaking from experience here. Don’t do it.
Be smarter than I was, and run.

Grumpy vs. sunshine on steroids. This book is packed with banter, red-hot heat, and lots of dog-sized bow ties.