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Knocked Up by the Billionaire's Son

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THE STUDENTS are standing in a line, faces beaming with pride. They’re all dressed in their clown costumes and their parents are clapping and shouting. Dean presents the last child with his diploma and the applause is thunderous.

“Congratulations to our first graduating class at the New York Clown School!” he calls out in the microphone.

I clap my hands together and yell out a cheer. My heart is bursting. I look down at the stroller beside me and shake my head. Our little baby girl is sleeping peacefully.

“I don’t know how she stays asleep with all that noise,” Margaret says as she walks up to join me. I shake my head and chuckle.

“We’ve been so lucky. She’s been sleeping through the night for months. She’s an easy baby,” I reply. Margaret leans down and strokes Molly’s chubby little cheek. She looks up at me and smiles.

“She’s so beautiful.”

My heart grows in my chest and I nod in response. Margaret turns to the stage and shakes her head. “They’ve done such a good job with this,” she says, sweeping her arm towards the stage. “I can’t believe how popular it’s been. The kids love it.”

I smile and look at Dean, who’s still speaking into the microphone to the audience.

“It was all Dean,” I say. “Our enrollment for the next class is double this one.”

Margaret smiles and opens her arms towards me. She wraps me in a hug for a few moments and then puts her hands on my arms. She stares into my eyes and I think I see tears forming in them.

“I never thought the organization could get so big,” she says, her voice choking up a bit. “You and Dean have elevated it so much. We’ve helped so many more kids since you’ve been on board.”

My throat tightens and I nod. “It’s been an honor to work with you, Margaret. I’ve learned so much.”

Margaret nods her chin down once and then lets go of my arms. She clears her throat and straightens her jacket, making her face serious again and she looks around the room.

“Right, well. I should go make the rounds,” she says as the parents start to stand up. I smile and watch her walk away. As much as she is strict and serious, Margaret has such a big heart.

For the next few minutes, I’m busy greeting parents and congratulating children. I watch as one kid juggles for me, and another one hands me a balloon animal.

I’m busy laughing with one of the kids when someone covers my eyes. I put my hands over theirs and smile. I already know it’s Dean. I can always sense him when he’s near.

“Clifford the Clown,” I say slowly. He drops his hands to my shoulders and lays a big sloppy kiss on my cheek. He’s still in character, and he makes a face to make us all laugh.

Molly wakes up and looks at him. She immediately starts wailing and crying. I grab her and lift her onto my shoulder, patting her back and bouncing her up and down.

“You’ll traumatize her,” I say to Dean. I shake my head and laugh. “She’ll be terrified of clowns for life.”

“I hope not,” Dean says. He takes her from me and lifts her up overhead. Even through his makeup, I see his eyes beaming with pride and love as he stares at our daughter. Her cries stop and she makes a curious gurgling sound. He brings her back down and her tiny fingers search his face. She sticks an index finger into his mouth and he pretends to eat it. Molly starts laughing and wriggling happily in his arms. He looks at me and winks.

“Not traumatized after all,” he says.

I laugh and shake my head. He hands her back to me and both of us enjoy the graduation festivities.

WHEN IT’S ALL OVER, Dean emerges from the bathroom, cleaned up and de-clowned. I’m sitting in a chair in the hallway, rocking Molly back and forth in her stroller. I stand up when Dean comes out and wrap my arms around him.

“Congratulations, babe,” I say as I run my fingers through his hair. “You were great today. The kids loved it.”

“Did you see Benny’s juggling? He’s better than I am!” Dean says. I smile. He looks like a proud parent, and I can tell his heart is completely at ease. I tilt my chin upwards and he lays a soft kiss on my lips. The stubble on his chin tickles my face and I smile.

“Let’s go home,” I say. Dean kisses me one more time and nods. He pushes the stroller and I follow towards the car. We pack Molly into her car seat. She sleeps the whole way home. I glance back towards her as we drive and reach an arm to stroke her leg.

“I can’t believe how well she sleeps,” I breathe. Dean glances in the rear view mirror and smiles.

“We’re lucky.”

BY THE TIME WE get home, I’m exhausted. I lay down in bed next to Dean and nuzzle my head into his shoulder. He wraps his arms around me and kisses my temple. I can hear his heartbeat, a soft and steady thump in his chest. I run my fingers up his chest and across his shoulders as he groans in satisfaction.

“I love your rubs,” he says, closing his eyes and sighing.

“I love you,” I reply with a smile. He opens his eyes and leans his head towards me, laying a tender kiss on my lips. His hand drifts to my hip and he sinks his fingertips into me. He pulls me over so that our bodies are pressed together. Our legs are intertwined and our arms are wrapped around each other.

I sigh contentedly. This is my happy place.

Dean’s hand slides down from my hip and grips my ass. He pulls me closer until I can feel his cock between us. I pull my head away.

“What’s this?” I ask with a smile, sliding my hand down towards his groin.

He grins. “It’s your graduation present,” he replies.

“Lucky me,” I laugh.

He groans as I start stroking his shaft up and down through his underwear. His head falls back onto the pillow and he sighs.

“I love your touch,” he groans. I smile as I slip my hand under his waistband. His cock is hot and hard. The skin of his shaft is so smooth when I wrap my fingers around it.

I love touching him. I love running my fingers over his body and feeling his muscles rippling under his skin. I love wrapping my fingers around his cock and stroking him up and down. I love touching his legs, his balls, grabbing his ass. Every time I touch him it sends a jolt of electricity through me.

Dean groans again and turns his head towards me. He trails his fingers down my chest and over my mound, sliding his hand between my legs. He lets his hand rest there for a moment as he turns his head towards me and smiles.

“You’re hot,” he says.

I laugh. “Does that make me a MILF?”

“You’re definitely a MILF,” he growls before dipping his fingers into my slit and sliding them back and forth. I moan and let my knees fall open. I still can’t get enough of his touch. He knows my body almost better than I know it myself. He touches me exactly where I need to be touched.

His hand moves back and forth as I keep stroking him. My whole body goes still when he circles my bud. It sends shivers through my entire body, little thrills of pleasure that radiate outwards from my center. I grab his cock a bit tighter and keep stroking him as he moves his fingers back and forth before finally dipping them inside me.

Everything becomes a blur. His hands, his tongue, his cock. We tear at each other. I try to get closer, to wrap my arms and legs around him as he thrusts himself into me. I arch my back and moan as the pleasure floods my veins.

Every time we make love it feels like I discover something new about him. I know his body perfectly, but somehow, we fit together just a little bit more perfectly. He runs his fingers down my sides and drives his cock into me as my orgasm shatters through my body. My fingernails dig into his shoulders as he fills me up completely. I finally open my eyes again and the aftershocks of my orgasm pulse through me with every thrust of his cock. I look at Dean’s face and feel nothing but love and pleasure. His body tenses and I know he’s close. A smile forms on my face as I watch his lips part and his eyes drift closed.

I can feel everything. I feel him get harder and bigger. I feel his whole body get stiffer. I watch the muscles in his neck start to pop as he gasps and finally flies over the edge. He fills me with his seed as he groans. It takes a few moments for him to relax and collapse onto the bed beside me. I turn onto my side and smile.

His skin feels slightly sweaty and he groans as I run my fingers over his stomach and up his chest. He blows all the air out of his mouth and shakes his head.

“How is that so good every single time?” he asks.

I chuckle. “I don’t know. It just is.”

He opens his eyes and looks at me, trailing the back of his fingers down my cheek. His eyes soften and a smile tugs at his lips.

“You’re beautiful, Sam,” he says in a half-whisper. I smile. “I mean it. You’re so beautiful.”

“Thanks,” I reply.

“I love you,” he breathes. “You don’t understand how much I love you.”

I grab his hand and kiss his fingers before answering. “I do understand, because I love you just as much.”

“Impossible,” he answers with a grin. I laugh as he opens his arms and I lay down on that perfect spot on his chest. It’s like we were made for each other, and we fit together like two puzzle pieces. I sigh as he squeezes me gently in his arms. He kisses my forehead and lets out a sigh. I inhale deeply and fill my nostrils with his smell, smiling as I exhale.

This is my happy place. It’s not Lexington, it’s not New York, it’s not anywhere except in Dean’s arms, with my head resting on his chest and his arm wrapped around me. There’s nowhere else that’s better than here. I’m home.

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