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I vowed revenge, and nothing can stop me.  Nothing… except her.


Fifteen years ago, Senator Nathan Blanchet destroyed my life and ripped my family to shreds.

Then, I joined the Marine Corps and became a man.  


I served my country,

...and I bided my time.


Now I’m back, and the senator has to pay.


This mission is headed straight for success.  

Nothing can get in my way… until I see the senator’s daughter.


Sadie Blanchet is all grown up.


With those sweet, innocent eyes and never-been-kissed lips, I’m not sure I’ll be able to keep my vow.


Revenge is sweet… but Sadie is sweeter.  


Before I know it, I have to choose between vengeance...

… and love.


His Vow is a steamy, action-packed military romance.  If you like growly, possessive heroes who will do anything for their woman, you’ll love this page turner.  Get it now!

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Being a US Senator is my dream job... until my new bodyguard walks in and turns my whole world upside down.


Christian is the brooding, silent type, and he does something to my insides...
He turns them into a hot, sticky, not-befitting-of-a-public-servant unholy mess.


And when he swears an oath to protect me, I must admit my heart flutters the tiniest bit.


But as the danger around me heightens, I start to wonder who Christian really is.

Is he here to protect me, or is there something else going on... something he's not telling me?


When everything falls apart, I don't know if my new hero will still be by my side...


...and that scares me more than anything.

His Oath is a steamy stand-alone romance featuring a growly, oh-so-yummy hero and a feisty, no-BS heroine.  Get the fire extinguisher, because this one's about to get HOT!

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My high school sweetheart is trying to ruin my life… again.

A decade ago, Freddy Finch betrayed me.  Now he’s back, and he wants me to be an undercover asset for the CIA.

When I think everything is going well,
when my paintings are finally selling,
when I might actually make it as an artist...

He shows up.  He’s wicked, brooding, and every girl’s most sinful fantasy.

… including mine.

No problem, Finch.  Just ruin my life, why don’t you.  Again.

I’m stuck between a rock and a very large, very hard place.

But as the operation gets more dangerous, Freddy becomes more irresistible.  I have to choose between trusting the man who betrayed me, or closing my heart off to him… forever.

His Word is Book 3 of the Protector Series, featuring a growly, alpha hero, a strong-willed heroine, and enough heat to melt your Kindle!