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Bad Prince

An Accidental Pregnancy Romance

I’m pregnant.
The problem?
The father is going to be King, and I’m not exactly meant to be a Queen…

I’m only pretending to be someone else for one, measly little Royal Ball.
Just sneaking into the biggest event in the Kingdom for a few hours.

How did my best friend talk me into this again?

I could probably get arrested for trespassing on royal property, but as long as I don’t get caught, I’ll be fine.

...Until the Crown Prince himself finds me wandering around the castle unsupervised.

He’s tall, broad, and he slays me with one look.
The most gorgeous man I’ve ever seen in my life.

The second his eyes meet mine, I know I’m in trouble.
Big, Prince-shaped Trouble with a capital ‘T’.

But Trouble feels too good to resist. 
Trouble makes my cheeks burn when it whispers dirty things in my ear. 
Trouble makes me feel like a woman for the first time in a long, long time. 

And what happens at the castle stays at the castle…right?


As it turns out, Trouble has consequences. Those consequences have ten little fingers and ten little toes, and a mother who is completely unprepared.

Lucky for me, Trouble comes knocking down my door, demanding to know why I lied about my name...

Bad Prince is a royal accidental pregnancy romance featuring a brooding, possessive hero and his feisty heroine.  Grab a cold glass of water… this contemporary Cinderella retelling is about to get hot!

Note: Previously titled Knocked Up by Prince Charming

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Heartless Prince

An Accidental Pregnancy Romance

The Prince needs a date.
I need to help a friend.
It’s just one night… What could possibly go wrong?

The first time Prince Damon sees me, I'm not wearing any clothes.
In my defense, I'm in my own home, and he doesn't seem too upset about it.

Then, he asks me to go to dinner with him and pretend to be his girlfriend.
The way I see it, the Prince owes me two favors now. That can't be a bad thing, right?

It's a win-win for me. Low risk. High reward.
Makes it easier that I'm 100% not attracted to him.

Even if his eyes do have a certain chest-caving quality about them.
Even if his big, broad hands make my skin sing when they touch me.
Even if his lips are so kissable it should be a crime.

No, definitely not my type.
So, why is my underwear suddenly drenched?

When the Prince shows me the decidedly bad side of him, I realize there’s a lot more to him than meets the eye.
Big, hard things about him.
Complicated, broken things about him.
Secrets he keeps from everyone.

...but there's one secret he doesn't know, and telling him could ruin everything.

Heartless Prince is an accidental pregnancy romance featuring a brooding, stormy hero and his perfect match.  This contemporary Sleeping Beauty retelling is full of Kindle-melting heat, swoonworthy romance, and of course, a very big, very bad prince.

Note: Previously titled Knocked Up by Prince Dashing.

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Cruel Prince

An Accidental Pregnancy Romance

The Prince is an animal, and everyone knows it.

All I need to do is stay out of his way. 

Easy… Right?



So, so wrong.


When I take my father’s place at Westhill Castle, everyone warns me about Prince Gabriel.

They tell me to stay away.

The Prince is dangerous. Wild. Angry.


One thing they don’t warn me about?

Prince Gabriel is panty-dropping hot.

Knee-knocking gorgeous.

Arrogant. As. Hell.


So, I hike my panties way, way up.


But the Prince has other ideas, and who am I to resist royalty?

Especially when he shows me just how wild he really is.


I know it’s a terrible idea. I know I’m going to get hurt.

The only thing I don’t know is how he’ll react when I tell him I’m pregnant.


Cruel Prince is Book 3 of the Royally Unexpected series. Brooding, brutish Gabriel gets his story in this contemporary Beauty and the Beast retelling. This is a stand-alone romance with no cliffhanger and a HEA.

Note: Previously titled Knocked Up by Prince Gallant.

Broken Prince

Broken Prince

An Accidental Pregnancy Romance

Prince Luca is promised to another woman...

…my sister.

There’s only one problem: he wants me instead.


Margot LeBlanc is gorgeous. She’s blonde. She’s tall.

She’s the biggest star in the Kingdom.

She’s my sister, and she has it all.


Including an arranged relationship with the hottest Prince on the planet.


Me, on the other hand?

I’m the shorter, chubbier, never-been-kissed, black-haired version of Margot.

Men aren’t exactly lining up to date me.


So, when Prince Luca makes me melt with those dangerous, intoxicating eyes, I think he’s toying with me.

When he tells me that he wants to do all kinds of filthy things to me, I think he’s lying.

When he wraps his arms around me and tells me I’m his, I’m finished.


My growly, possessive Prince is about to be my first, my last, and my everything.


But as the Prince and I grow closer, Margot and I drift further apart.


Pretty soon, I have to choose: Do I follow my heart and my knight in shining armor, or do I stay true to the sister that’s been by my side since the beginning?


Broken Prince is the fourth instalment in the Royally Unexpected series. If you like bad heroes and feisty heroines, you’ll love this contemporary Snow White retelling.

Please note that there’s a small cliffhanger at the end of the book, and it should be read with Book 5: Wicked Prince for maximum enjoyment.

Note: Previously titled Knocked Up by the Broken Prince.


Wicked Prince

A Secret Baby Romance

Wicked Prince.jpg

I’m pregnant.

If anyone finds out who the baby’s father is, my whole life will be torn apart.

The worst part, though? 

I think I’m in love with his brother.


I didn’t mean to fall for Prince Dante.

It just happened.


The first day I met him, he walked into my kitchen with nothing but a towel on.

Water glistened over his perfect body, and he stared at me like he wanted to eat me.


How am I supposed to resist that?


It’s the pregnancy hormones...



Or, maybe it’s the fact that Prince Dante is a perfect gentleman in public, and a perfect bad boy behind closed doors.


He shows up in my life and sweeps me off my feet. 

He’s my very own Prince Charming, complete with a dashing smile and a very big sword.


I’m hiding something from him, though.

It’s a secret that could tear us apart.

If he finds out, our budding happily-ever-after will almost certainly end before it begins, and I’m not sure I’m ready to let him go.


As my pregnancy becomes impossible to hide, I have to choose. I can tell Prince Dante the truth, or I can chase the one thing I’m not sure I deserve: real, everlasting love.


Wicked Prince is the fifth instalment in the Royally Unexpected series. 

Please note that this book should be read after Book 4: Broken Prince for maximum enjoyment. Both Margot and Ivy get their long-awaited happily-ever afters in this page turner!

Note: Previously titled Knocked Up by the Wicked Prince.


Wrong Prince

An Accidental Pregnancy

6. Wrong Prince-v4.jpg

I’m leaving.
Or at least, I thought I was leaving…
...until the future King of Argyle got me pregnant.

It was supposed to be one little sailing trip with a childhood friend.
A final goodbye to the islands of my youth.

It’s never that simple, though, is it?
Because my childhood friend has turned into a full-grown, hot-blooded man, who happens to be the future King.

Prince Theo is tall. He’s commanding.
He’s everything that’s been missing from my life, and he’s not afraid to show me all the reasons I should stay.

...The main reason being him, and the way he makes my thighs clench. 
My cheeks burn. 
My heart thump.

Anytime we’re together, my body and mind are at war.
My body always wins.
Again, and again, and again.

We shouldn’t be together.
I shouldn’t be here at all.
And I definitely shouldn’t be pregnant.

Now, the question is—will Prince Theo still want me to stay when he knows I’m carrying his heir?

Note: Previously titled Knocked Up by the Wrong Prince


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