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Bad Prince_Jan 2023.jpeg

What if Cinderella went to the ball...and got pregnant?

Bad boy Prince Charlie doesn't want to marry, but the Prince's Ball has only one purpose: to find a bride for the future king.

He doesn't expect to be tempted by any of the ladies vying for his attention (or his title)...least of all the woman he finds sneaking around his castle.

The problem? Even when sparks fly, she refuses to tell him her name.

And when the clock strikes midnight, his mystery woman runs.

But Prince Charlie has made his choice. He's found his future bride...

Now he just needs to catch her.

Heartless Prince_C.jpg

When Prince Damon invites Dahlia Raventhal to dinner at Farcliff Castle, the sparks between them are supposed to be fake.

She's just a convenient cover story so Damon can do his brother a favor.

But a convenient cover story soon turns inconveniently sizzling, and when their arrangement ends, Damon realizes he’s not ready to let Dahlia go. The free-spirited dreamer pulls Damon out of the darkness and shows him everything he could have with her, including the one thing he never thought he’d experience: love.

The problem?

The Raventhal name is synonymous with secrets, and Dahlia has many of her own…
Like the fact that she’s carrying Damon’s child.

Can fake turn real when a kingdom’s stability is on the line? Or will Damon turn his back on the only woman he's ever loved...and the child they created together.

Cruel Prince_B.jpg

Jolie is under strict instructions to stay away from the Prince and his ailing daughter.

After all, she’s only at the castle to relieve her father of his gardening duties temporarily. She’ll care for the roses, keep her head down, and leave royalty to the royals.

Until she finds the library…and the Prince.

And he decides he likes what he sees.

Beating a hasty retreat, Jolie tries to ignore the sizzle of his touch and the hunger of his gaze. She’s supposed to stay away from him. She can't break the rules when her family is relying on her.

So what happens when Prince Gabriel decides he doesn’t want to stay away from her?

Broken Prince_D.jpg

Prince Luca is promised to another woman...

…my sister.

There’s only one problem: he wants me instead.


Margot LeBlanc is gorgeous. She’s blonde. She’s tall.

She’s the biggest star in the Kingdom.

She’s my sister, and she has it all.


Including an arranged relationship with the hottest Prince on the planet.


Me, on the other hand?

I’m the shorter, chubbier, never-been-kissed, black-haired version of Margot.

Men aren’t exactly lining up to date me.


So, when Prince Luca makes me melt with those dangerous, intoxicating eyes, I think he’s toying with me.

When he tells me that he wants to do all kinds of filthy things to me, I think he’s lying.

When he wraps his arms around me and tells me I’m his, I’m finished.


My growly, possessive Prince is about to be my first, my last, and my everything.


But as the Prince and I grow closer, Margot and I drift further apart.


Pretty soon, I have to choose: Do I follow my heart and my knight in shining armor, or do I stay true to the sister that’s been by my side since the beginning?



Wicked Prince_Orange.jpg

I’m pregnant.

If anyone finds out who the baby’s father is, my whole life will be torn apart.

The worst part, though? 

I think I’m in love with his brother.


I didn’t mean to fall for Prince Dante.

It just happened.


The first day I met him, he walked into my kitchen with nothing but a towel on.

Water glistened over his perfect body, and he stared at me like he wanted to eat me.


How am I supposed to resist that?


It’s the pregnancy hormones...



Or, maybe it’s the fact that Prince Dante is a perfect gentleman in public, and a perfect bad boy behind closed doors.


He shows up in my life and sweeps me off my feet. 

He’s my very own Prince Charming, complete with a dashing smile and a very big sword.


I’m hiding something from him, though.

It’s a secret that could tear us apart.

If he finds out, our budding happily-ever-after will almost certainly end before it begins, and I’m not sure I’m ready to let him go.


As my pregnancy becomes impossible to hide, I have to choose. I can tell Prince Dante the truth, or I can chase the one thing I’m not sure I deserve: real, everlasting love.

Wrong Prince_Yellow.jpg

I’m leaving.
Or at least, I thought I was leaving…
...until the future King of Argyle got me pregnant.

It was supposed to be one little sailing trip with a childhood friend.
A final goodbye to the islands of my youth.

It’s never that simple, though, is it?
Because my childhood friend has turned into a full-grown, hot-blooded man, who happens to be the future King.

Prince Theo is tall. He’s commanding.
He’s everything that’s been missing from my life, and he’s not afraid to show me all the reasons I should stay.

...The main reason being him, and the way he makes my thighs clench. 
My cheeks burn. 
My heart thump.

Anytime we’re together, my body and mind are at war.
My body always wins.
Again, and again, and again.

We shouldn’t be together.
I shouldn’t be here at all.
And I definitely shouldn’t be pregnant.

Now, the question is—will Prince Theo still want me to stay when he knows I’m carrying his heir?

Lone Prince_Green.jpeg

I’m stranded in a snowed-in castle with a big, bad prince…

The plan was to visit my grandmother at the Arctic palace in the Kingdom of Nord.
I was supposed to get the information I needed for work, give Grandma a big hug, then get out.

Things...aren’t going according to plan.

For one, the castle is being battered by the biggest storm it’s seen in centuries.
I’m stuck, and Grandma isn’t even here.

In her place is a prince with honey-colored eyes and a body that was made for war.

He’s big and burly and...oof, my poor panties.

They don’t stand a chance when Prince Wolfe looks at me like he wants to eat me.

I’m pretending I don’t like the fire in the prince’s eyes, which, to be honest, is also not going great.
He can see right through my fake hostility.


How am I supposed to work when he’s walking around like some wild, Nordic god with a chip on his shoulder and a very big—

Never mind.

Listen, it’s temporary. As soon as this storm lets up, I’ll be out of here. All I have to do is keep it professional for a few short days.

Easy, right?

Ha. Yeah. Right.

Ice Queen.jpeg

I’m a queen. Nothing more.

Not a woman, not a widow, and definitely not a mother.

All my broken memories are buried in a box at the bottom of the Arctic sea.

The newspapers call me stoic, but I just call it survival...
...until Asher shows up, and a hairline crack appears on the surface of the ice that’s kept me safe for so long.

My childhood friend is all grown up.
Broad shoulders, smoldering gaze, hands that make my mind run wild.

For the first time in years, I remember what it feels like to want.

To be wanted.

He melts the frost clinging to my heart and shows me everything I’ve pushed away.
Offers me a new life with the brush of his lips against mine, a whisper in my ear, a curl of heat in the deepest part of my core.

But Asher has secrets, and I have responsibilities. A queen can’t put down her crown for anything.

Not for love.

Not even for betrayal.

Definitely not for Asher.

Rogue Prince_Blue.jpeg

The kingdom’s bad boy.
Paparazzi’s dream.
My. Worst. Nightmare.

Blech. The royal family of Nord.
You couldn’t pay me to spend time with those crown-wearing, silk-clad, silver-spoon-licking leeches.

Well, until I’m invited to be part of the press team on the upcoming Royal Tour.
You can pay me for that, but don’t expect me to write anything nice.

...Until one week before the tour, a silly little party brings me face-to-face with a man in a mask who makes my whole body tighten.

His eyes flick to my lips for half a second, and I feel like I’m about to faint.
His hand just barely touches the small of my back, and I’m ready to start thinking of baby names.

But that man--the one who lights me up from head to toe?

Turns out he’s Prince Silas.

Yeah, the Prince Silas. 

The one who’s in all the tabloid pictures with a drink in one hand and a woman in the other.
The one who represents the worst of the frivolous royal spending. 
The peak of entitled arrogance.

He might as well be my sworn enemy...and now we’re going to be spending three months together on tour.

Just me, my press badge, and his wolfish grin.

Uh, yeah. I think I might be in trouble.

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