Second Chance:

A Rockstar Romance in North Korea

Second Chance: A Rockstar Romance in North Korea


I wish people wouldn’t wiggle their eyebrows every time they mention him.  Yes, we dated ten years ago.  Yes, he was my first love.  Yes, he’s the biggest rock star in the world and yes, he is undeniably sexy and unimaginably rich.


But no, I will not go there again.  


I don’t care how many records he’s sold, or how sweet he is to his mother.  He broke my heart and humiliated me and that’s completely, 100%, absolutely unforgivable.

Plus, I have a career now!  I’m a respected journalist investigating the North Korean nuclear missile program.  I’m getting out of this small town for good.


I don’t have time for Derek Hart.



My whole life is stale.  My music, my concerts, even my love life.  It’s all meaningless until I go back home and I see her again.  


I haven’t seen her in years but she looks as good as ever.  Who am I kidding, she looks better than ever!  With those emerald green eyes and picture perfect body I wonder how I ever let her get away from me.


I won’t let her get away this time, even if it means facing Kim Jong-un himself to get her back.


Second Chance: Love in North Korea is a steamy rockstar romance with bonus content included!  HEA guaranteed, no cliffhangers, and no cheating!


© 2020 Lilian Monroe

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