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He’s New York City’s most eligible CEO, and he’s about to be my baby’s daddy.
Zach Lockwood is irresistible.
He’s charming. He’s confident.
He’s got a smile that brings me to my knees.
Or at least, I wish it brought me to my knees.

There’s only one problem: Mr. Lockwood is my boss.
Otherwise known as: Off. Limits.

But off-limits doesn’t mean a girl can’t look, right?
What’s the point in having a Sex God CEO if you can’t indulge in a few innocent fantasies?
Well, innocent might not be the right word for them.

But naughty as they may be, my fantasies are the least of my problems.

When I ruin the office Christmas party, I think I might be in trouble.
When he takes me back to his corner office, I know I’m in trouble.

I never knew trouble could feel so good.
And oh my, does it feel good.

It’s just one night.
One wild, fantasy-fueled night.

One night that changes everything.
Neither of us know it yet, but things are about to get a whole lot more complicated.



First, he steals my taxi.
Then, he steals a kiss.
The one thing I won't let him steal is my heart

Roguish grin, sparkling eyes, and a body that belongs in a magazine.
Not that I'm looking.

I've got too many scars to get involved with a man.
Especially one that looks as heart-stopping as Lucas.

He's got a gaze that makes panties go sploosh.
I'll let him share my taxi—but only because he makes heat bloom in my gut.

Maybe, if he's lucky, I'll let him share my bed.

That's where it ends.

Or at least, that's what I expected, until I pee on a stick and see two blue lines staring back at me.

I'm pregnant. The problem?
Lucas lives on the other side of the country…
…and I'm about to find out he already has a kid of his own.


Owen is tall, brooding, and definitely running away from something.
He slays me with one look, and I know my hometown visit won’t go according to plan...

The only reason I’m here is to visit my grandmother.
That’s all.
Ten days, then I go back to my life in the big city.

Away from the small-town gossip.  
Away from prying eyes.
Away from the haunting past…

...until I see Owen.

Hotel owner, handsome hunk, and 100% bad idea.
With eyes that pierce through me, and a body that makes me melt, Owen is exactly everything that I should avoid.

But aren’t I the Queen of Bad Ideas?
What’s one more to add to my collection?

This particular bad idea turns out to be very, very good…
...until I learn I’m carrying my bad idea’s baby, and I’m not sure how he’ll react when he finds out.





This was supposed to be my fresh start.  It was supposed to be my new beginning, my time to take care of me.
But then I meet Dean Shelby and my world turns upside down.  I’m head over heels and my fresh is starting to feel more like a whirlwind.

He’s perfect in every single way, but will he still be perfect when he finds out I’m pregnant?


From the moment I first laid eyes on her I’ve known she’s different.  Maybe it’s the small town kindness, or maybe it’s her emerald green eyes. Maybe it’s those killer curves that drive me wild.  Whatever it is, I want her like I’ve never wanted a woman before.

I’m ready to sweep her off her feet and make this fairy tale come true, but my family have other plans for me.

How can I break free from the life that’s been set out for me?  What happens when I finally stand up and tell them NO?



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Note: Previously titled the Knocked Up Series