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Shouldn't Want You:

A Brother's Best Friend Romance

My brother’s best friend stole my first kiss, and then he left town without saying goodbye.

Now, he’s back...

...and I’m in trouble.


Love is a lie, and Sacha Black is the biggest fibber of them all.

Ten years ago, he told me he cared about me.

We kissed. I swooned.

He left.


Poof! Gone.

His kiss still echoing on my lips, his face still etched on my brain.

G-O-N-E. Disappeared. Ghosted. Never to be heard from again…


...until now.


My brother’s getting married, and his best man happens to be the one person I never want to see again.


Sacha Black is all grown up.

All man.

All muscle.

All thigh-clenching, cheek-burning, panty-melting misery.


The moment his stormy, gray eyes meet mine, I know my poor heart doesn’t stand a chance.


The only thing standing between us is ten years of pain and my very protective brother.

Easy, right?



Shouldn’t Want You is a full-length brother’s best friend romance with a HEA and no cliffhanger.


Can't Have You:

A Brother's Best Friend Romance

Angry, black-clad, skinny little punk chick.
That’s the face I show the world.
Until Finn Gallagher takes one look at me and shreds my mask to pieces.

The first time I meet him, Finn straps me to his chest and jumps out of a plane.

My heart is going to explode.
Is it the adrenaline, or the fact that he’s all man, all muscle, and he looks at me like he wants to eat me?

Oh—and he happens to be my brother’s best friend.

Also known as off-limits. Forbidden. No-go.
Irresistible. Brooding. Beautifully broken adrenaline junkie.

Finn doesn’t even want me. He says so himself.
Looks me right in the face and shakes his head: No thanks. Not my type.

But his eyes say something different.
His lips don’t agree, either.
His hands? Don’t even get me started.

He can pretend all he wants, but I see right through him.

Life is short.
I say we self-combust and break a few bed frames along the way.
What could possibly go wrong?


© 2020 Lilian Monroe

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