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Big Bossy Surprise

Manhattan Billionaires: Book 4

Billionaire. Boss. Baby daddy.

Bonnie Delmar should be grateful for her new job.
And she is! Being a nanny to a billionaire is a good gig. She’s more than grateful for the opportunity to work for Arlo Noble…until she meets him

That broad-chested, dark-haired, dark-eyed hunk?
Yeah…she slept with him. Awkward.

But the worst part?
Judging by the blank look on his face, their mind-blowing night didn’t register as a blip on Arlo's radar. He doesn’t remember her at all.

That’s okay! Bonnie needs this job more than she needs the last scraps of her pride.
After all, it was three years ago. It was one anonymous night. It meant nothing. The best thing to do is never, ever, ever mention it to anyone. Especially not her new boss.

But Arlo knows Bonnie’s hiding something. As his suspicions grow, he decides he’ll do anything to find out who she really is…including giving in to the urge to seduce her.

Tangled pasts are no match for the sizzle of the present. When Bonnie’s secrets are revealed, Arlo must make a choice. Does he open his heart to hurt once more…or close himself off forever?

…and what happens when he finds out Bonnie's carrying his child?

A few of the tropes you'll find in this book:

nanny, protective hero, forced proximity, billionaire, accidental baby, single dad, grumpy hero, grumpy vs. sunshine, second chance, boss/employee, age gap

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