The Heart's Cove Hotties Series

Life starts at forty, they said. Forty and fabulous, they said.

When were they going to mention that 'fabulous' was code for 'hot mess'?

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Dirty Little Midlife Mess-v3.jpg
Dirty Little Midlife Mistake-v4.jpg
Dirty Little Midlife Disaster-v5.jpg
Dirty Little Midlife Debacle-v4.jpg
Dirty Little Midlife Secrets-v2.jpg

The Royally Unexpected Series

Mirror, mirror, on the wall... Who is the hunkiest prince of all?

Accidental pregnancy romances like you've never read before!

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Yours For Christmas-v9.jpg
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Royally Unexpected #2 New eBook edited.jpg
Royally Unexpected #3 New eBook edited.jpg

The Unexpected Series

Packed with babies, bad boys, billionaires, and enough heat to melt your Kindle.

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The We Shouldn't Series

Small town meets brother's best friend. Swoony, steamy, and oh-so-good.

Shouldn't Want You.jpg
Can't Have You (1).jpg
Don't Need You.jpg
Won't Miss You.jpg

The Love/Hate Series

Enemies to lovers on steroids.

Hate at First Sight.jpg
Loathe at First Sight.jpg
Despise at First Sight.jpg
Love_Hate - Box Set.jpg

The Clarke Brothers Series

These mountain men are growly, grumpy, and about to meet their match...

Lie To Me LM Ecover.jpg
Swear To Me LM Ecover.jpg
Run To Me LM Ecover.jpg
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The Protector Series

Heaven help the people who get between these protectors and the women they love.

Action-packed, swoony, and off-the-charts hot!

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His Oath.jpg
His Word.jpg
The Protector boxset.jpg

The Mr. Right Series

Fake engagement meets football romance in these sizzling, laugh-out-loud scorchers!

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Engaged to Mr. Wrong.jpg
Engaged to Mr. Perfect.jpg
Mr right transparent boxset.png

The Doctor's Orders Series

I think I might become a hypochondriac...

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Doctor D.jpg
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The Cause: A time travel romance

An ode to Mr. Monroe, my favorite sexy Irishman.

THE CAUSE - High Resolution.jpg

The Manhattan Billionaires Series

They're hot. They're rich. They're about to get knocked down a peg or two...

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