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Doctor L

Doctor's Orders: Book 3

Yesterday he told me he’s hated me for a decade. Today he’s asking me to be his wife.

Dave Langley has hated me ever since the crash that killed his parents and little sister.
He lost his whole family and I lost my best friend.

Deep down I don’t blame him, and that’s why I haven’t tried to change his mind.

Then I walk into my new client's house as their in-home care nurse, and I see Dave standing beside his ailing grandfather.

He snarls.

Then he...asks me to marry him?

Somehow it doesn’t seem so romantic when he’s offering to pay me to say "I do."

But this broke nurse needs the money, and he needs a wife in order to secure his inheritance. It's a simple business relationship...until thing get a whole lot more complicated.

A few of the tropes you'll find in this book:

boss/employee, medical, enemies to lovers, billionaire, second chance, fake relationship

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