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Dirty Little Midlife (fake) Date

Heart's Cove Hotties: Book 9

Small town sizzle meets fake dating fun. What could go wrong?

Single mom Mia has a problem. Her new landlord Des just raised her rent, and even in her dreams, Mia wouldn’t be able to afford it.

Not that she’d want to dream of Des. Ever.

To make matters worse, Des is big, grumpy, and apparently his heart is made of granite. He’s not willing to meet Mia in any sort of middle.

Suffice it to say, Mia’s forties aren’t off to a good start.


A blind date turns to disaster, because that funny, charming guy she’s been talking to?

Yeah. That’s Des. And he has a proposition for her…

One little fake date–a cheeky weekend away to go to his family reunion–and Mia’s rent troubles will disappear.

But as she gets to know Des, feelings start to grow. Could something fake turn real–or is true love just a fantasy?

A few of the tropes you'll find in this book:

protective hero, funny, forced proximity, small town, enemies to lovers, grumpy hero, fake relationship, midlife, over 40 characters, later in life, single mom, only one bed

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