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Filthy Little Midlife Fling

Heart's Cove Hotties: Book 10

She's about to discover exactly what this hunky, small-town mechanic is hiding under the hood...

I’m having a bad week.

First, I get a call from my scumbag ex-husband asking for a favor. He wants to hire me to organize his new house.

The house he’s sharing with his new wife.

The one he cheated on me with.

But the worst part? I’m so broke I might have to take the job.

I’m busy pondering my little predicament when I crash my work van into my neighbor’s magnolia tree.

That’s when I discover my neighbor is the town’s hunky mechanic and doting single dad, Remy Campbell. My mortification knows no bounds.

Then Remy takes pity on me and offers me a trade: for every hour I work to organize his office, he’ll put an hour into fixing my van. As a broke lady on the verge of a breakdown, that’s an offer I can’t refuse.

But working in close proximity with the rugged, red-blooded mechanic reminds me I haven’t felt my motor rev in six long years.

Getting involved with my neighbor is a terrible idea.

But a steamy little fling with an agreed-upon end date?
Now that could make me forget all about my ex, my money problems, and my run-in with the magnolia tree…

A few of the tropes you'll find in this book:

small town, grumpy hero, midlife, protective hero, workplace, forced proximity, later in life, over 40 characters, single dad

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