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The Four Groomsmen of the Wedpocalypse: Book 3

Lucy Barlow didn’t think she’d need a bodyguard to attend her town’s local Wedding Expo. She sells wedding stationery, after all. The main occupational hazard is a paper cut.

Then the rival stationery store owner declares war,
In order to protect her business—and go to the Expo—she needs to hire some muscle.

Enter Cormac, the co-owner of Elite Security and all-around overprotective hunk.

It’s supposed to be a simple job. He’ll attend the Wedding Expo with Lucy, make sure there isn’t any funny business, collect his paycheck, and move on with his life.

Then Lucy’s car explodes.

Cormac’s protective instincts take over. He throws Lucy over his shoulder and decides that until this mess is over, he’s not letting her out of his sight.

Which means Lucy’s moving in with him, starting right now. Everywhere she goes, he goes. Any threat to her is a threat leveled directly at him.

There’s only one problem.

For a man who’s used to keeping himself apart, having a sweet, sexy woman so close might be more temptation than he can handle.

As mysteries unravel and more danger looms, Cormac and Lucy are drawn together. Will their budding feelings—and the heat burning between them—distract them from the perils of a deranged stationery store owner? And when Lucy’s life is threatened, what will Cormac choose: his woman, or his integrity?

A few of the tropes you'll find in this book:

forced proximity, funny, protective hero, small town, reformed rake, action and adventure, bodyguard, grumpy hero, grumpy vs. sunshine

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