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Heartless Prince

Royally Unexpected: Book 2

A date with a prince. It's all fake...but the consequences are all too real.

When Prince Damon invites Dahlia Raventhal to dinner at Farcliff Castle, the sparks between them are supposed to be fake.

She's just a convenient cover story so Damon can do his brother a favor.

But a convenient cover story soon turns inconveniently sizzling, and when their arrangement ends, Damon realizes he’s not ready to let Dahlia go. The free-spirited dreamer pulls Damon out of the darkness and shows him everything he could have with her, including the one thing he never thought he’d experience: love.

The problem?

The Raventhal name is synonymous with secrets, and Dahlia has many of her own…
Like the fact that she’s carrying Damon’s child.

Can fake turn real when a kingdom’s stability is on the line? Or will Damon turn his back on the only woman he's ever loved...and the child they created together.

A few of the tropes you'll find in this book:

protective hero, forced proximity, accidental baby, grumpy vs. sunshine, fake relationship, reformed rake, celebrity hero, royal romance, fairy tale retelling

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