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Dirty Little Midlife Dilemma

Heart's Cove Hotties: Book 7

A hot, hilarious fresh start! Nora’s forties begin with a bang…or rather, a crash.

What’s worse than bumping into a parked motorcycle and tipping it over?

Easy. It’s bumping into a motorcycle, tipping it over, and sending it crashing into an entire row of bikes like horrible, slow-motion dominos.

What’s even worse than that?

Doing it in front of the first bike’s owner.

Lee Blair looks like he wants to pop Nora’s head off her shoulders like a champagne cork.
Saying “oopsie daisy” doesn’t calm him down. Go figure.

When she gets the bill for her mistake, she nearly breaks down.
In order to pay it off, she’ll have to move back in with her mother and beg for her old job back.
It’s every forty-one-year-old woman’s dream…not.

Until Lee offers her a solution.
He’ll take on the debt and let her pay it off over time…if she agrees to work for him.

What could possibly go wrong?

A few of the tropes you'll find in this book:

protective hero, small town, boss/employee, midlife, over 40 characters, later in life, motorcycle

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