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Dirty Little Midlife Secret

Heart's Cove Hotties: Book 6

Secrets don’t stay hidden for long in Heart’s Cove…

Lily has a secret, and it’s about to come out. The forty-year-old free spirit will tell her family, deal with the fallout, and move on with her life.
Within a year, she’ll be back to normal, with the addition of a little bundle of joy.

Then she meets Rudy.

Handsome, charming, roguish Rudy.
The man who drifts through life with a smile on his lips and sin in his gaze.
The man who makes her body heat and her mind spiral into all the places that should be locked away.

Because when the truth comes out, their romance is doomed.
No man will stick around when he finds out she’s pregnant…and definitely not when he finds out what she’s really hiding.

A few of the tropes you'll find in this book:

small town, age gap, accidental baby, second chance, midlife, over 40 characters, later in life, single mom

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