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Cruel Prince

Royally Unexpected: Book 3

When Beauty meets the Beast...and finds out she's carrying his heir.

Jolie is under strict instructions to stay away from the Prince and his ailing daughter.

After all, she’s only at the castle to relieve her father of his gardening duties temporarily. She’ll care for the roses, keep her head down, and leave royalty to the royals.

Until she finds the library…and the Prince.

And he decides he likes what he sees.

Beating a hasty retreat, Jolie tries to ignore the sizzle of his touch and the hunger of his gaze. She’s supposed to stay away from him. She can't break the rules when her family is relying on her.

So what happens when Prince Gabriel decides he doesn’t want to stay away from her?

A few of the tropes you'll find in this book:

protective hero, forced proximity, small town, enemies to lovers, accidental baby, single dad, grumpy hero, grumpy vs. sunshine, boss/employee, reformed rake, celebrity hero, fairy tale retelling, royal romance

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