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Doctor O

Doctor's Orders: Book 1

My doctor just prescribed me a vibrator.

No, I'm not kidding.
I finally worked up the nerve to ask for medical help with my inability to, ahem, peak.

The worst part?

He's drop dead gorgeous. And by that I mean I'm about to drop dead from sheer embarrassment.

My only saving grace is that once I walk out of his office, I'll never have to see him again.

Just kidding.

That new client I just bagged? The one whose gorgeous home I've been hired to sell?

Yep. It's the man who now knows which device I use when I'm all alone and feeling frisky.
But that's okay! I can be a professional, and so can he.

The problem is, I'm not sure either of us want to...

A few of the tropes you'll find in this book:

medical, grumpy hero, funny, boss/employee

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