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The Four Groomsmen of the Wedpocalypse: Book 2


His name is Pestilence.
At least, that’s what they called him in college after an outbreak of a certain, ahem, intimately transmitted infection on campus.

Now in his thirties, Leo St. James is fully reformed from his playboy past. He has a fiancée and everything.

Oh, no, wait. He lied about that.
His fiancée doesn’t exist.

But when Leo’s boss sees him with his hand cupped around Amelia Darcy’s face, Leo has no choice but to call her his bride-to-be and promise to bring her to his company retreat.

Amelia isn’t amused, but she does see an opportunity. The data analyst in her recognizes the chance to gather some much needed information from a reputable source.

Because what does a shameless libertine know better than anyone else?

Only one thing: seduction.

Now that Amelia’s hit her professional goals, she’s ready to attack the personal. She’s going to get a boyfriend of her own, and Leo St. James is going to teach her how. Step by sizzling step.

All Amelia has to do in exchange is pretend to be Leo’s fiancée for four measly days at his company retreat. Nothing could be easier…as long as she doesn’t fall for the player, and realize her feelings weren’t all that fake after all…

A few of the tropes you'll find in this book:

she-grump vs sunshine, grumpy vs. sunshine, fake relationship, best friend's sister, reformed rake, small town, forced proximity

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