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Knocked Up by the Single Dad

Unexpected: Book 2

First, he steals my taxi.
Then, he steals a kiss.
The one thing I won't let him steal is my heart.

Roguish grin, sparkling eyes, and a body that belongs in a magazine.
Not that I'm looking.

I've got too many scars to get involved with a man.
Especially one that looks as heart-stopping as Lucas.

He's got a gaze that makes panties go sploosh.
I'll let him share my taxi—but only because he makes heat bloom in my gut.

Maybe, if he's lucky, I'll let him share my bed.

That's where it ends.

Or at least, that's what I expected, until I pee on a stick and see two blue lines staring back at me.

I'm pregnant. The problem?
Lucas lives on the other side of the country…
…and I'm about to find out he already has a kid of his own.

A few of the tropes you'll find in this book:

forced proximity, enemies to lovers, billionaire, accidental baby, single dad, grumpy hero, boss/employee, reformed rake, workplace

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