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Don't Need You

We Shouldn't: Book 3

First, my brother brings his new best friend home for Thanksgiving.
Second, I swoon.
Third, I fall.
And last? I crash. Hard.

I'm moving in with my brother's best friend.
Roommates. Friends.
That’s the plan, anyway, but the minute I lay eyes on Kit, I know it’s about to get complicated.

My brother never mentioned that his new best friend is all rugged charisma wrapped in a well-tailored pilot’s uniform.
He’s broody and moody and tall and—

I’m screwed.
Not literally, unfortunately.

Well, not yet.

The only problem? I’ve got enough baggage to fill a jumbo jet, and Kit has demons of his own.
I’m running from my ex, and the last thing I want is to jump into another damaged man’s arms.

But Kit’s jagged edges fit perfectly into mine, and I realize he might be exactly what I’m looking for…
...if our pasts don’t tear us apart before we can even get off the ground.

A few of the tropes you'll find in this book:

protective hero, forced proximity, best friend's sister, small town

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