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Shouldn't Want You

We Shouldn't: Book 1

My brother’s best friend stole my first kiss, and then he left town without saying goodbye.
Now, he’s back...
...and I’m in trouble.

Love is a lie, and Sacha Black is the biggest fibber of them all.
Ten years ago, he told me he cared about me.
We kissed. I swooned.
He left.

Poof! Gone.
His kiss still echoing on my lips, his face still etched on my brain.
G-O-N-E. Disappeared. Ghosted. Never to be heard from again…

...until now.

My brother’s getting married, and his best man happens to be the one person I never want to see again.

Sacha Black is all grown up.
All man.
All muscle.
All thigh-clenching, cheek-burning, panty-melting misery.

The moment his stormy, gray eyes meet mine, I know my poor heart doesn’t stand a chance.

The only thing standing between us is ten years of pain and my very protective brother.
Easy, right?

... Wrong.

A few of the tropes you'll find in this book:

protective hero, forced proximity, best friend's sister, small town, enemies to lovers, second chance

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