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Doctor O

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CLAY REACHES HIS HAND over the airplane’s armrest and places it over mine. The plane is taxiing on the runway, making the final turn before we take off. I take my eyes off the small oval window and look over at him. He’s staring straight ahead and turns to me when he feels me move.

His hand is clammy and his face is a little bit more pale than usual. I can see the whites of his eyes and his usually full lips are forming a small, tight line across his face. Worry lines crease his forehead. I feel my face soften.

“It’ll be ok,” I whisper.

He nods without saying anything. He didn’t admit to me that flying makes him nervous until a week ago, after we’d spent almost a month planning our first vacation away together. His head turns back to the front as the plane straightens out on the runway and starts accelerating. His hand clamps onto mine with almost painful strength.

We’re pushed deep into our seats as the plane takes off. The engines roar and the entire plane shakes as it starts gaining speed. Clay’s hand grips mine a little bit harder. I can tell he’s holding his breath and he’s squeezing his eyes shut.

In a few seconds, the plane has left the ground and I can hear the landing gear being retracted. I reach over with my other hand and stroke his arm gently.

“We’re almost cruising now, Clay. It’s nearly over.”

He opens his eyes and inhales deeply. He’d been holding his breath the whole time we were taking off. He looks over at me and half-grimaces, half-smiles.

“I don’t know what it is, but that feeling of taking off just makes me sick.”

“It’ll be worth it. Just think of white sandy beaches and crystal clear blue water. Lots of fish around us when we’re snorkeling. Blowjobs upon blowjobs upon blowjobs,” I continue, elbowing him lightly in the ribs. He’s not taking the bait.

“I know, I know. But right now I’m stuck in a tiny airplane seat, not sitting on a sandy beach with a cocktail in my hand,” he grimaces.

We’re on our way to The Bahamas for our first vacation together as a couple. We’ve both been working hard and decided to take some time off. Plus, the weather in September in New York is getting colder, and we want to squeeze a bit of sunshine in before winter sets in.

I lean back in my tiny airplane seat and put on my headphones. Just a movie or two now and we’ll be landing on the island.

When the pilot announces we’ll be landing, I can immediately sense Clay tensing up. I put my hand over his and give it a squeeze. When the plane starts descending, I can tell he’s stressed. He’s pale as a ghost and his back is completely rigid.

The plane lurches as we touch down and Clay holds my hand with a vise grip. The sound of the plane slowing to a stop is loud in my ears, and I try to brace myself as we slow down. Clay’s nervousness seems to be contagious. Finally, the plane slows and the pilot’s mechanical voice comes on over the speaker.

“Welcome to The Bahamas, the local time is 4:36pm. The temperature is a beautiful 82 degrees. Enjoy your stay and remember - you’re on island time now.”

I glance over at Clay and there seems to be a bit of color returning to his cheeks. He turns to me, his eyes clear, and reaches up to grab my cheek. His lips meet mine and he gives me a long, deep kiss. Pulling away, he looks deep in my eyes.

“I love you, Val.”

I burst out laughing.

“Clay, I love you too, but you’re talking like we just had a near death experience. We took a three hour flight!”

Finally, I see the corners of his lips twitch upwards. It’s the first smile I’ve seen all day.

“Let’s get off this death trap and get our bags, yeah?” I say with a grin.

“Val…” he groans.

“Too soon?”

He doesn’t even dignify that with a response. I don’t care, I’ve never had a problem laughing at my own jokes. I can tell by the glimmer in his eye that he’s holding back a smile out of principle.

We file off the plane and make our way to baggage claim. One by one, we watch as other passengers grab their bags. I walk up and down the carousel, willing my bag to appear through the hatch. When I’m at the far end of the carousel, I glance at Clay. He’s waiting patiently, leaning against a pillar with his arms hanging by his side.

He looks so handsome, and I’m overcome with a wave of emotion. Love mixed with desire. His dark hair is styled in his signature tousled look, and his smoldering eyes are staring at me from across the terminal. He’s wearing jeans and a black t-shirt that perfectly shows off his muscles. His broad shoulders stretch against the fabric, showing off his chiseled biceps. I can see the outline of his chest muscles through his shirt. As I watch, he stands up straight and stretches his arms overhead. His t-shirt lifts slightly to show off a strip of skin between his pants and his belly button.

I can feel my pulse speed up as I watch him move. I can’t wait to get to the hotel and feel his body pressed up against mine, his muscles hard against my skin. I glance down at his crotch, looking for that bulge that I can’t get enough of. He sees me staring and gives me a sly grin. I walk back over to him and put my arm around his waist.

“What were you looking at?” he asks playfully.

“You,” I respond, looking up at him through my lashes. He leans down and kisses the side of my forehead.

We both turn back to the baggage carousel, looking for our bags so we can get out of the airport and into our hotel. And into our bed, which I don’t intend to leave for at least a couple hours. After what seems like an eternity, the last person grabs their bag and we finally make our way to the information desk.

The lady at the desk greets us with a friendly smile.

“Welcome to the Bahamas,” she says with a thick Caribbean accent. The words roll off her tongue in quick succession. “How can I help you?”

“Our bags haven’t come through on the carousel yet,” I respond as I pass over my passport and bag tags.

She taps away on the computer and hands back my papers.

“I’m sorry, miss, it looks like your bags are still in New York.” Clay and I exchange glances. “They’ll get here tomorrow on the first flight in. What hotel are you staying at, we can get them sent straight there if you like?”

We give her the information and then walk slowly toward customs.

“Well, that’s a bummer,” I say. “I don’t even have a swimsuit.”

“We can buy you one once we check in to our hotel,” Clay responds. All of a sudden, he’s the positive hopeful one. His strained, glum look has completely evaporated now that his feet are on solid ground. Nothing can bring him down now that he’s off the plane.

After what seems like a lifetime of travel, we finally walk into our hotel room. Clay booked it, and it looks like he told them we were a couple. The king sized bed dominates the room. There are two swan-shaped towels on the bed, completely surrounded with rose petals. The room has a faint, floral odor that just makes you feel like you’re on vacation. My heart rises to my throat when I see how beautiful the room is.

I turn to Clay and wrap my arms around his neck.

“It’s perfect. I’m so happy to be here with you,” I say to him.

Instead of responding, he leans down and places a soft kiss on my lips. It feels so good to finally be alone with him, and to finally be able to kiss him like I’ve wanted to all day.


JUST WHEN I START KISSING Val and I can feel my cock twitching in my pants, there’s a knock at the door. We pull apart and look at each other. She’s frowning slightly, cocking her head to the side. I can never get over how beautiful she is.

Reluctantly, I pull away from her embrace and turn to the door. I open it up to see a hotel employee with a room service cart.

“Good evening, sir. As part of your package, please enjoy this champagne and strawberries.”

“Thank you,” I say, surprised. I don’t remember anything about champagne and strawberries, but I step aside to let him in.

He wheels the cart into the room and then turns to face him. I fumble to pull out a bill for his tip, and then close the door behind him with a nod. Val is looking at me with a surprised smile on her face.

“Clay! This is so nice!”

She jumps into my arms and I tangle my fingers through her wavy blonde hair. Our lips crush together and my other hand wraps itself around her waist. Her body fits so perfectly into mine. I never want to let her go. Our lips dance together, we’re ravenous to taste each other. Finally, Val pulls away.

“You’ve done well, Clay. Let’s get a glass of this champagne!”

“I’ll be honest, Val,” I say slowly. “I had no idea this was coming.” She looks at me, slightly surprised before bursting out laughing. I smile back instinctively. It’s impossible not to smile when she laughs. She makes the whole room brighter.

“And you were going to take all the credit! You probably scammed your way into a honeymoon package,” she accuses playfully.

I shrug and wink, “Let’s get some of this bubbly stuff.”

I uncork the bottle as Val picks up a strawberry. She brings it to her perfect soft lips and slips it in between them, biting down into the juicy red flesh. I try to focus on the bottle in my hands but watching her eat that strawberry is sending all kinds of electricity down my spine, straight between my legs. All I want to do is rip her clothes off and throw her down on the bed right now.

Instead, I pop the cork and pour us a couple glasses. She drops a strawberry into each one, giggling as the bubbles explode around the berry. We both pick one up and clink them together.

“Happy first vacation,” she says with a smile. “They lost our bags but at least we have champagne!”

The bubbles fill my mouth and run down my throat, tickling me the whole way. I put my glass to the side, not able to wait any longer. My arms are around her, gripping her waist and pulling her into me. She puts her glass down and wraps her arms around my neck. I inhale deeply, letting her scent fill my nostrils.

Our lips find each other, crushing against one another in a passionate kiss. Her tongue probes into me and then she gently bites my lower lip, dragging her teeth back. Val’s blue eyes look up at me, sparkling with intensity. I lean forward to kiss her again. My hands roam over her body, slipping up under her shirt to feel the warmth of her skin. She moans softly as I touch her, and then to my surprise, slowly drops to her knees.

She looks up at me from the floor, her eyes ablaze with desire. Her hands find my belt and start unbuckling it slowly. Once it’s open, she moves to my fly and slowly, slowly, tortures me as she zips it down. Her hands move up to the waistband and she pulls my pants and underwear down my legs. My cock springs free, already rock hard.

“You like me being on my knees in front of you?” she asks, looking up at me innocently.

“Val, stop. You’re driving me crazy.” But the last thing I want her to do is stop.

Her hands run up my thighs to my hard cock. She wraps her fingers around it and I feel it grow even bigger. Her hands feel warm and soft as she grips it and starts stroking it softly. She places her mouth in front of it so it’s just out of reach. I try to move my hips forward gently but she moves her head back at the same time.

“Now, now, Clay,” she says mischievously. “You’re not in control right now.”

Her hand cups my balls and I moan. She’s still stroking my cock in long, slow strokes. She brings her mouth closer until her lips just brush the tip of my cock and a shiver runs up my spine. I feel ready to explode.

Finally, her lips part. She takes the tip of my cock into her mouth. I groan, legs shaking with pleasure. I could just explode into her mouth right now. It feels warm and wet and perfect. Her eyes glance up at me and I tangle my fingers into her hair, gripping it in my hand as she takes my cock into her mouth inch by inch by inch.

My body is on fire. Nothing matters except Valerie, and her lips around my rock hard cock. I can’t see anything except the movement of her head, can’t hear anything except the licking, sucking, popping of her mouth moving up and down my shaft. The rest of the world is meaningless.
She swirls her tongue around my shaft and moans. I wonder how wet she is right now. I desperately want to plunge my fingers into her opening, taste her wetness and feel her walls against my cock, but I can’t move. My feet are drilled to the floor.

Every movement of her head sends another shiver into the pit of my stomach. There are no words to describe the pleasure that’s building up inside me. Her hand is still cupping my balls and I feel them tighten up against my shaft — the tingling, electrifying sensation of my building climax.

My fingers wrap around Val’s golden hair and I push her head gently toward the base of my shaft. Her head bobs back and forth with my hand guiding her. I groan a deep, low groan as she keeps moving her mouth along my cock.

And then, outside of my control, my vision goes black and electric heat shoots through my body.

“Val, I—”

She moans in response and I grip her head. Her fingernails are digging into my thighs as I pump my seed down her throat. Her moans finish me off, and I hold her head in place for one, two, three seconds as I try to regain my balance and my vision.

I let out a sigh as she slips my cock out of her mouth, swallowing my seed and looking up at me with a grin. She reaches over to grab her champagne glass and takes a long sip.

I take a step over to the bed and sit down, trying to catch my breath.

“Val, that was incredible,” I say as I reach for my glass of champagne. She laughs. God, I love that laugh.

“I thought you needed to relax. It’s been a stressful day for you.” She winks at me. “I need to change my underwear, that was hot!”

I watch as she reaches up her sundress and shimmies out of her panties, dropping the drenched underwear to the side. Then she looks at me with consternation.

“I don’t have a change of underwear! It’s all in my luggage!”

“You’ll have to go without, babe,” I say as the corner of my mouth tugs upwards. She sighs in resignation, and then shakes her head.

“I have no choice, do I.”

I watch as she straightens herself back up, smoothing her little white dress over her now naked pelvis. The thought of her going commando sends a small thrill down to the pit of my stomach. I never thought there’d be a positive side to lost luggage.


The sun is setting over the ocean, and a warm breeze washes over us.

“This looks like a postcard,” I breathe. The rays of sun are shooting out in a burst of color over the horizon, lighting up the clouds in a blast of oranges and reds and purples. Clay squeezes my hand and we walk on. The cool sand feels smooth under my toes.

We’ve been transported from our hectic lives in New York to a Caribbean paradise. There’s no stress of real estate sales for me, or urgent patients for Clay. It’s just me and him, and sun, sand, and surf.

Another breeze gusts, a bit stronger than the last. My sundress starts billowing upwards and I drop my hands to my legs, giggling. Clay looks at me with a raised eyebrow and a smile playing in his eyes.

“It’s dangerous being out here with me with nothing on underneath,” he says in a low growl. “I don’t know how I’ll keep my hands to myself.” His voice sends a shiver down my spine and I can feel the wetness gathering between my folds.

Clay’s hand drifts to my lower back and then rests at the top of my ass. I can feel the warmth of his palm through the thin fabric of my sundress, and it makes my heart beat faster. My nipples are hard nubs, poking through my dress. I move an inch closer to Clay, hooking my arm around his waist.

His body feels strong against mine, and the heat radiating from him is intense. I glance down and see the telltale bulge in his shorts. I can feel the wetness growing between my legs as I watch his cock getting harder. The tops of my thighs are wet with desire as I keep thinking about Clay’s shaft inside me.

We walk on down the beach, past the bright lights of the hotel resort. The sky is getting dark now, and the stars are starting to twinkle in the sky. The heat between our two bodies is intense. I can feel the electricity of Clay’s desire even when we walk next to each other, saying nothing.

Beyond the resort’s lights, we walk down a strip of dark beach. There are palm trees lining the beach, it seems to be an empty lot. I glance around us and see we’re alone.

“Clay,” I whisper. “Let’s be bad.”

He stops walking and turns to me, putting his hands on either side of my hips. He pulls me into his chest and the light of the stars sparkles in his eyes.

“You want me to be bad?” he growls. Once again, his low voice sends a shiver through me and I melt into his arms.

“Yes,” I breathe. My slit is dripping with desire. My breath is ragged already and Clay hasn’t even touched me. I glance around us, looking for any movement down the beach. All I can see is the rhythmic motion of the waves lapping the beach as far as the eye can see.

Clay grabs my chin and tilts it up. He leans down and crushes his lips against mine. It’s more than a kiss, it’s pure, unadulterated lust. His hands explore my body, grabbing at my dress to hitch it up over my ass. His hands find my bare skin and he grabs my ass, pulling my cheeks apart as he pulls me nearer to him.

“You sure you want me to be bad?” he whispers in my ear, grabbing my ass a bit harder.

I can only moan in response. His fingers travel down my crack and find my slit. He feels my wetness and moans deeply.

“You do want me, don’t you?” he says, eyes glinting in the moonlight.

“Desperately,” I respond.

He grabs my hips and pushes me back. He backs me up away from the water until my back is pressed up against a palm tree. He pushes his body against mine, and I can feel the hardness of his cock through his shorts. He grinds his hips against me and I moan again, feeling a deep emptiness in my core. I want him inside me.

Clay slides his fingers down to my slit and back up, spreading my wetness up to my most sensitive spot. I lean back into the tree, moaning as his fingers swirl around my bud. My desire is already an inferno blazing inside me. Every touch sends me closer and closer to the abyss.

I hook my fingers into Clay’s waistband, pulling it down frantically. My fingers find his cock. It’s hot, hard, and smooth in my hand. I love running my hand up and down his length, feeling the throbbing of every heartbeat in his cock. I moan as his fingers find my opening and plunge inside me. He grunts as he appreciates my wetness.

His fingers slip out of me and he brings them up to my lips.

“Taste yourself,” he says gruffly.

The sweet, salty taste of my own juices hits my tongue as I part my lips and his fingers probe my mouth. I swirl my tongue around his digits, licking and slurping every drop of my desire off him. His eyes are ablaze as he watches me suck his fingers. I pull his cock faster, feeling it growing in my hand as I suck his fingers.

This reminds me of the first time in the apartment in Soho, my first ever orgasm. It was the first time I tasted myself on Clay’s lips. The memory pushes me even closer to the edge. I remember Clay’s tongue working around my bud and finally, after all those years, feeling the pleasure crash through me. I suck his fingers hungrily, opening my eyes to look at him through my lashes.

Clay takes his hand away from my mouth and brings his lips to mine instead. He kisses me with a passion I’ve never experienced. His hand travels down my side, over my hip and he grabs my ass, giving it another deep squeeze. I moan as he presses his body into mine. My hand is moving up and down his shaft and all I can think of is the feeling of his cock inside me.

As if he read my mind, Clay moves his hand down further and hooks it around my thigh, hoisting it upwards to rest on his hip. I can feel the cool night air touching my slit, loving the feeling of being here with him with no panties on. It feels bad, but oh so good.

Clay takes his cock from my hand and moves it down, positioning it at my opening. He rubs the tip up and down my slit, covering it in my wetness. We both groan. Every time the tip of his cock goes near my bud it sends a shockwave of pleasure through my entire body.

And then, he moves his cock downwards and pushes it slowly inside me. I inhale sharply as I feel myself stretching for him, stretching to accommodate his thickness, his length. He’s still holding my thigh up, pressing me against the palm tree to help me balance.

I hook my arms around his neck and grind my hips into him. He groans as his cock plunges even deeper inside me.

Before I know what’s happening, Clay has hooked his other arm around my leg and lifted me off the ground completely. I have no choice but to hang onto him, wrapping my arms and legs around him as his hands grip onto my ass. He grabs me roughly and starts pumping his cock in and out of me, hard. My world disappears. I’m bouncing up and down on him, feeling light as a feather as his strong, muscular arms guide my entire body over his cock.

I don’t know if I’m screaming silently or at the top of my lungs. The previously quiet sound of the waves is now as loud as a hurricane. Or maybe it’s my heartbeat pounding in my ears, I can’t tell. The light behind my eyes goes out as Clay’s cock pumps me harder and harder, bouncing me like a rag doll against him. The white hot heat of my climax builds and builds as he guides my body up and down.

His breath rushes over my shoulder and then I feel the waves of pleasure crashing down around me. I shake and contract around his cock but he holds me steady, still pumping his cock into me with unimaginable passion. My orgasm rushes through my body, starting in the pit of my stomach and exploding outwards like a million fireworks. I can’t breathe, I can’t think, I can’t see. All I can do is come.

My walls grip his shaft with new tightness as my orgasm sets my body ablaze. Clay grunts as the sensation heightens. My orgasm starts to subside and my limbs feel weak. I hold on to him as my body starts to go limp, and then I feel it. I feel his cock get hotter and harder, driving into me with new intensity. His animalistic grunts fill my ears as I feel him pump his seed deep inside me.

Finally his thrusts slow and then stop, and he slides my legs down to the ground. I feel unsteady, weak. I have to hold on to his chest until my heart stops hammering and the breath returns to my body.

I look up at him. We’re both sweaty, messy, panting. I can feel his seed starting to drip out of me and I moan in contentment.

“Was that bad enough for you?” he breathes.

I sigh in response, leaning my forehead against his chest. He wraps his arms around me and kisses the top of my head. It was more than bad enough for me.

I glance up and down the beach but in this moment, I don’t care if anyone saw or heard us.


WE STAY MOTIONLESS for a moment, my arms wrapped around her as I enjoy the tingles of pleasure still coursing through my veins.

Val pulls away from me and looks up. I can see a grin forming on her lips, a certain devious sparkle in her eye.

“What,” I say, smiling back at her.

“I was just thinking…” she pauses, still grinning.

“What, tell me!” I say, getting impatient.

She glances left and right, narrowing her eyes as she peers into the darkness. Suddenly, she springs away from me and starts running toward the water. Her white dress flies overhead and all I can see is her pale skin, naked from head to toe, sprinting to the water. She crashes into the shallow waves with uncontrolled glee.

“Wait!” I yell, and then take off after her. My shirt and shorts disappear onto the beach. The cool air hits my naked skin but I don’t have time to think. Suddenly I’m the one crashing into the waves with her. She’s already in the water up to her shoulders, swimming backwards as she watches me dive in.

I dip underwater and in a few strokes I’m beside her. The water is deeper, about chest height, so I wrap my arms around her and for the second time tonight she hooks her legs around my waist. Her hair is floating around us in the water and I spin her around in a circle. She laughs and places a soft kiss on my lips.

“Should we be in here? Aren’t there sharks in this water?” I ask. Ever since getting on that plane I’ve been way more nervous than normal.

“Duh duh… duh duh… duh duh..” Val sings the classic theme song to Jaws and then bursts into laughter when I don’t react. I dip her backwards into the water, dunking her head underwater. I bring her back up and she screams and giggles all the way up. Her arms hook around my neck and she kisses me again, scraping her teeth along my bottom lip and then kissing me harder.

Her skin is warm against me in the cool black water, and we huddle into each other. Every inch of skin that can be touching is touching. I can feel her small hard nipples pressed up against my chest, and the sensation sends a thrill straight down to my cock.

Val shivers against me and I pull her into me closer. Our lips come apart and I bring my hand up to her face. I stroke her cheek and tuck a strand of hair behind her ear.

“Let’s go in. We can grab a hot shower and test out that big king bed of ours,” I suggest.

Val smiles and as usual it makes my chest swell to see her face brighten like that.

“Sounds good, Clay,” she says simply.

I carry her in until the water drags her down to her feet, and then we walk back to the beach together. We find our clothes scattered across the sand. I pull my shirt on over my wet skin and then look over at Valerie struggling to straighten her dress as it clings to her. The white cotton is completely see-through on her wet skin and the warmth in the pit of my stomach grows as I watch her.

I can see the dark outline of her nipples through her dress, and the way the wet fabric clings to every curve. My cock is hardening in my loose shorts, and soon I won’t be able to hide it either.

“Let’s hope we don’t run into anyone on the way back,” Val says, frowning as she looks down at herself.

“Right now, I don’t care. Looking at you in that soaked dress just makes me want to rip it off you again.”

She looks up at me and grins.

“Please don’t rip it,” she says. “I haven’t got any other clothes to wear,” she laughs.

“Just wear that all day every day and I’ll be a happy man,” I say, drinking in the sight of her. Her cheeks flush and she takes my hand, leading me toward the bright lights of our hotel. We walk back toward the promise of a hot shower and warm king sized bed, and I don’t think I’ve ever been happier.

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