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Engaged to Mr. Perfect

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THE PLANE BOUNCES A BIT as it lands, and I squeeze Andrew’s hand. He smiles at me, stretching out in his seat. We both slept most of the way here—first class seats are a lot more comfortable than coach.

“We’re here,” he smiles.

“Yes we are,” I reply. I squeeze his hand again, glancing out the window at the sun-drenched countryside. As soon as we get off the plane, I change into a little white sundress and breathe a sigh of relief. Even just changing my clothes makes me feel fresher.

It takes about an hour to get through immigration and baggage claim, but as soon as we step outside, we have huge smiles on our faces.

“Benvenuto in Italia,” our limousine driver says as he opens the door. “How was your flight?”

“It was great, thank you,” I reply as I climb into the car. His voice has a melodic lilt to it, and for the first time it feels real. I’m in Italy.

Not only am I in Italy, I’m in Italy with my gorgeous, sexy husband.

Andrew slides in beside me and the driver walks around to the front seat. He looks at us in the rear-view mirror.

“It’s a one-hour drive to your villa,” he says. “But the country is bellisima.”

“No problem,” Andrew says. He puts his arm around me and I inhale into his chest.

“Mm,” I say. “How do you smell so good after such a long flight?”

“Magic,” he laughs. He stretches his arm and lifts the partition before turning towards me. His fingers stroke the side of my face and he shakes his head.

“You’re so beautiful, Meghan.”

My heart grows in my chest and I feel my cheeks flush. “You’re okay.”

He grins. “Just okay?”

“You’ll do.”

Andrew laughs. His hand is on my thigh, and he slides it up ever so slightly. I bite my lip as heat blooms in the pit of my stomach.

“How do you do that?” I ask.

“Do what?”

“You just touch me and all of a sudden I’m wet.”

His eyes widen and he glances down. “You’re wet right now?” His hand slides up underneath my dress and I spread my legs. I glance at the partition.

“You’re sure he can’t see us?”

“Can’t see us and can’t hear us,” Andrew grins. He moves his hand further up, brushing the hem of my underwear. I shiver, closing my eyes for a second.

Andrew kisses my neck. “What do you say we get this honeymoon started on the right foot?” His hand brushes over my underwear and I spread my legs wider.

I nod. “That sounds good.”

His face is close. He brushes his lips across mine as his fingers brush over my clit. I sigh, closing my eyes as he takes my lips in his. He kisses me deeply as his fingers drag my underwear to the side. I slide down on the seat and spread my legs, rolling my hips towards him.

“You’re a dirty girl,” he grins, kissing my neck, and then my collarbone, and then the soft tissue of my breast. His other hand cups my breast and then drags the fabric down. When his lips touch my nipple, I sigh. His fingers slide up and down my sopping wet slit as he takes my breast in his mouth.

The limousine’s leather seats creak as I spread my legs a bit wider.

“Bad girl,” Andrew says, grinning. His thumb swipes over my nipple and my lower lip trembles. “You like being dirty, don’t you?”

His fingers roll over my clit and I gasp. Andrew grins, kissing my breast again as he pulls my dress down further. He moves to kiss my other breast, twirling his other hand around my clit. I gasp. My panties are soaked. His tongue flicks over my nipple, sending perfect little shocks straight down to the pit of my stomach. When he slides his fingers down towards my opening, I moan.

I roll my hips up towards him as his fingers enter me. He groans, sighing into my chest.

“You’re so wet.”

“You make me that way,” I gasp. I curl my fingers into his hair as he continues to kiss my breasts. He moves to kneel in front of me and the limousine lurches. I catch him as he stumbles to the side, laughing.

“Should we tell him to drive in a straight line?”

“Don’t worry about the driver,” Andrew growls. He hooks his fingers into my panties and rips them down my legs. Then, he flips up my dress and drags my hips towards him. When he sees my bare pussy, he growls and flicks his eyes up towards me.

“That’s my pussy,” he says. “It belongs to me. You know that, don’t you?” His fingers slide inside me, and he starts dragging them in and out of me.

I nod, moving my hips with the movement of his hands.

“Say it,” he says.

“It’s yours.”

“Say the words, angel. I want to hear that pretty little mouth of yours telling me who’s pussy this is.”

“It’s your pussy,” I gasp.

He growls again, and then pulls my hips to the edge of the seat. I slide down with a laugh and then gasp when his lips connect with my slit. He devours me. His lips kiss, his tongue flicks, his fingers work their magic. With his other hand, he reaches up to cup my breast.

I roll my hips towards him. I want more. I tangle my fingers into his hair and grind myself onto his face. He moans, lapping up every drop of my desire as he moves me closer and closer to orgasm.

“Come for me,” he says, looking up at me. His lips glisten with my wetness and I take a deep breath. “Come all over my tongue, princess.”

When his mouth connects with my bud, I know I won’t last long. The limo turns again, but neither of us really notices. I can’t think of anything except the movement of his tongue over my bud, and the feeling of his powerful fingers inside me.

When my back finally arches, I squeeze my fingers into his hair and gush onto his hand. He moans, sucking my bud and tasting every bit of my orgasm. I gasp, bucking my hips towards him as he holds me down and makes me come so hard I’m seeing stars.

Andrew only gives me a second or two of respite. As my chest heaves and I open my eyes, I see him unbuckling his belt. His eyes are dark. He licks his lips, shaking his head.

“You have no fucking idea how good you taste, Meg.”


It’s the only answer I can manage. My whole body is tingling. I’m in a daze. My dress is up around my hips, with the top pulled down to my stomach. I put my hand to my forehead and take deep, gulping breaths.

Then, Andrew grabs my hips and pulls me down towards him. He’s kneeling on the floor of the limousine and he takes my legs and wraps them around him. When I feel his thick, hard erection against my opening, my eyes widen.

Without warning, he sheathes himself inside me. I moan. In one smooth motion, we’re one.

When he thrusts, he holds me close to him. His hands are wrapped around my back, gripping my shoulders as he drives his cock deep inside me. I grip onto him, wrapping my arms and legs around his powerful body as he thrusts deep and hard inside me.

He grunts in my ear as his cock gets harder. I open my eyes and glance up at the thin partition that separates us from our driver, and the thrill of it all sends a new spark coursing through me.

“This is so bad,” I pant.

“You love being bad,” he grunts in my ear. His breath is ragged. “My bad girl.”

Andrew pulls out of me and I immediately feel the void he leaves inside me. He picks me up like a rag doll and turns me around so I’m kneeling in front of him. My arms are on the limo seat, and then he pushes himself deep inside me again.

The feeling of his big, beautiful cock deep inside me sends me over the edge. My fingers sink into the leather seats and I bite down as a moan escapes my lips. Andrew drives his cock inside me a little bit harder, moaning with me. His fingers tangle into my hair and he pulls my head back.

“Come all over my cock, angel,” he growls. “That’s it. Good girl.”

I’m gushing. I’m quivering. I’m panting. I don’t know what’s up or down. All I know is that my body is in ecstasy. Every muscle in my body contracts around him and he moans.

When I feel his orgasm, I nearly come with him again. I feel every drop of seed fill me up and I gasp. When we are still, my heart thunders in my chest and I pant against the limousine seats.

Andrew falls back and climbs onto the seat. He pulls me up beside him and we hold each other until we’re able to talk again.

“You think he heard us?” I ask, motioning to the front of the car.

“I hope he did,” Andrew grins. “That was so hot.”

OUR HONEYMOON CONTINUES just like it starts, with us stealing any moment we can. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. Andrew has a million and one surprises planned for me throughout the trip—a weekend in Venice, complete with gondola rides, romantic evenings under the stars with big plates of pasta and delicious wines, beautiful hikes through incredible countryside—he’s thought of it all.

After the first week, we’re lying in bed one evening. A cool breeze floats through the window as we lay tangled in the bedsheets. His fingers trail up and down my arm as I nuzzle into his chest. I look up at him and touch his jaw. He catches my fingers and kisses them before looking at me.

“What?” he asks.

“I was just thinking… what if we had a baby?”

Andrew tucks a strand of hair behind my ear. His eyebrows twitch upwards, and he smiles. “When, now?”

“Yeah,” I laugh. “Why not? Do you… are you still on the fence about kids?”

He shakes his head. “I’ve been thinking about having a baby with you for the past four months,” he chuckles. “I didn’t know how to bring it up. I thought I was going crazy, I’ve never thought like that before.”

“I started thinking about it when Naomi brought her little girl over.”

Andrew laughs. “Me too. They both looked so happy.”

He looks at me and kisses me tenderly. His arms snake around me and hold me tight and he growls against me.

“Let’s do it,” he says.



“I can stop taking my birth control pills right away. Is that too soon?”

“It’s never too soon, Meg,” he smiles. “I want to be the father of your child. I want to be with you forever and I want to make you the happiest woman in the world.”

“Well you already have that last one covered.”

He smiles and kisses me. His hand drifts to my stomach and he strokes it thoughtfully. Then, he turns me onto my back and starts kissing my neck, my breasts, my stomach. I sigh, spreading my legs and running my fingers through his hair.

“Maybe we’ll conceive our first baby here,” I say as his kisses move lower. “It’ll be our honeymoon baby.”

“I promise to do everything I can to make you pregnant,” Andrew grins. He kneels between my legs, stroking his already hard cock. I reach down and touch its smooth skin, sighing contentedly.

“I love you, Andrew.”

“Not as much as I love you.”

When we make love that night, it’s more tender and more intense than ever before. We stare in each other’s eyes and smile, and I know that he’ll be the father of my children. It won’t happen tonight, and it might not happen next week, or the week after that, but I know he’s the one. He’s mine and I’m his, forever.

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