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His Vow

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MY FEET WERE SORE AND my mouth was dry, but my soul was totally and completely happy.  I rolled over in our plush, king-sized bed and looked at my husband.
My husband.
It still felt amazing to say it.  Zane turned towards me and put his arm across my waist.  He pulled me close and I inhaled the scent of his skin.
“How did my beautiful bride sleep last night?”
“Like a log,” I laughed, trailing my fingers over his chest.  “All that dancing last night knocked me out.” 
“Just the dancing?”  His eyebrow arched and I blushed. 
I tucked a strand of hair behind my ear before running my fingers along his jaw.  “Well, the dancing and… you know.”
“The consummation of our marriage?”
I laughed.  “Yes.  That.”
He growled, pulling me closer to him.  I made a noise when I felt his shaft pressed up against me.
“Well, good morning to you too,” I grinned.  “Looks like Zane Jr. is happily married.”
Zane rolled on top of me, kicking my legs apart with his knees.  He kissed my neck, sinking down on top of me as I wrapped myself around him.
My head was still spinning.  Last night was the most magical night of my life.  In front of all our friends and family, we’d gotten married.  Zane had kissed me to the shouts and hollers of the whole room, and from that moment onwards, I was Mrs. Sadie Wolfe.
Zane pressed himself against me and growled as he kissed my skin.  His primal, alpha instincts seemed to be heightened ever since we said our ‘I do’s’.  His eyes and hands hadn’t left me all night.
I loved it.
I loved being his.  Officially, truly his.  I loved the way he looked at me, the way he touched me, the way he protected me.
When he cupped my breast, I arched my back towards him.  I tried to reach down between us, but he slapped my hand away with a growl.
“You first.”
He kissed my neck, my breasts, my stomach.  He teased my nipples with his fingers and then his teeth until I was bucking and moaning for him.  He growled as I writhed under him.  I could feel the heat sparking between my legs as he moved lower and lower.
I knew what was in store for me.  I knew that the moment his tongue touched my slit, I would be done.  I knew that he would make me come so hard I would forget the day of the week.
So, when he picked me up and turned me around, I yelped in surprise.  He set me down on all fours and dragged his fingers through my wetness.  I gasped.
Then, without warning, he eased himself inside of me.  I dropped my head down and bit the pillow.  I arched my back and moaned as he sheathed himself inside me.
Nothing could compare to this.  Nothing came close.  The feeling of this man—my husband—filling me up completely was everything I ever wanted.  When his length was buried inside me, he paused.
His hand snaked over my spine and tangled itself at the base of my skull.
I gasped when he pulled me back up towards him.
“You like that?” He growled, starting to slowly, mercilessly grind his cock into me.
I gasped in response.  He tightened his grip on my hair, pulling it back so that needles of pain and pleasure penetrated my skull.  I made an animalistic grunt when he buried his cock deep inside me and pulled my hair back.  His other hand connected with my ass in a loud smack, and I knew it would leave a big red handprint.
I loved every second of it.
I pushed my ass back towards him and he groaned.
“That’s it, angel.  Fuck my cock with that sweet little pussy of yours.”
I grunted again, and he pulled my hair tighter.  Under any other circumstances, I’d be embarrassed at the sounds I was making.  But right now, all they did was turn me on.
He held me close and thrust himself into me deeper, and then smacked my ass again.  Pain and pleasure exploded across my skin, sending shivers of ecstasy through my body.  I curled my fists into the sheets and Zane reached around between my legs.
The second his fingers started twirling around my clit, I was done.  I was finished.  It was over.  My legs were shaking, my walls were gushing, and my moans were getting louder by the second.  His thick powerful thrusts sent wave after wave of pleasure coursing through my veins as his fingers worked my sensitive bud.
I bit the pillow, screaming into it as I felt my orgasm crest.
It crashed into me harder than ever before.  It was more than a feeling, more than a sensation.  It was a full-body experience.  I heard myself scream into the pillow as my hands twisted in the sheets.  Zane’s hand was still tangled into my hair and he pounded me mercilessly.
Every inch of his cock delivered unending pleasure as I quivered and contracted around it.  My walls gripped him tighter than ever before.
When I felt him come inside me, another wave of pleasure crashed over me.  I could feel everything.  Every drop of thick, hot cum that splashed against my womb only served to turn me on even more.  We trembled against each other, sweating and panting and feeling the remnants of our orgasms buzz through our bodies.
I collapsed on the bed face-first, and Zane rolled over beside me.  He groaned, throwing an arm over his face.  I turned my head to look at him and I watched his chest heaving up and down.
We didn’t speak for many long minutes.  The only sound in the room was our staggered breaths and the pounding of our hearts.
Finally, we peeled ourselves off the bed and made our way to the shower together.  Zane turned the knob on the shower and checked the temperature, then helped me in.  He washed me slowly, running a loofah over my body and caressing me with every touch.
I wrapped my arms around him.  He tilted my chin up and laid a soft kiss on my lips.
“I’m the luckiest man in the world.”
“Kind of, yeah,” I grinned.  He smacked my ass with a loud slap. 
“Careful.”  His voice was a low growl.
“Might have to punish you if you keep being so sassy.”
“What if I like being punished?”
His eyes darkened and his breath hitched.  He shook his head.  “God, Sadie.  You’re so perfect.”
“We’re perfect for each other.”
We pressed our soapy bodies together as the steam in the shower billowed around us.  He kissed me then as he would kiss me a thousand times again—tenderly, intimately, passionately.
I sighed and took the loofah from his hand.
“My turn.”
He let me wash him for a few minutes, but when his cock started to throb, he tossed the loofah aside and rinsed us both off.
“Enough of that, now,” he grinned.  “It’s punishment time.”
I giggled, walking out of the shower and heading for the bed.  “Punishment time is my favorite time.”
“Mine too,” he growled.
We sank into the bedsheets together in a tangle of arms and legs.  My heart soared and my body sang.  I was in ecstasy.
I was completely happy, completely free, and completely Zane’s.

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